Genevieve Robey

Genevieve Robey

Current job
Editor, Carindale Connect.

Bachelor of Arts, Journalism Major, graduated 1999.

First job
Website Administrator, ABN AMRO Morgans.

The story so far
I started the degree in 1996 when it was in the business school. I then, after the first semester, took a year off to work in England. I returned to QUT a year later to start the second semester of the first year of the degree, by which time it was then an Arts degree.

In the last year of my Journalism degree, I won and completed an internship at ABC Online.

Upon graduating in 1999 I then became the website administrator for national stockbroking and finance firm ABN AMRO Morgans (now RBS Morgans). I then went on to be Web Site Manager at Commerce Queensland.

I have undertaken a range of online projects including web development work for the Rural Press Club of Queensland, the Australian Council of Agricultural Journalists and Women’s Network Australia.

For about three years I was the editor of Wotnews – a news search and aggregation startup that was founded by Stephen Phillips under the name ‘Plugger’ and then 50% acquired by Graeme Wood (Wotif, Global Mail etc).

As part of that employment I also worked with Hunted Media which created the very successful music site and related music app business (also largely funded by Wood). Hunted Media has now relocated to the United States.

I remain Brisbane-based and am regularly consulting in areas of web development and social media – often with a big focus on content marketing. I co-own and run vmessage ( enewsletter software.

I’m on the committee of the Health Media Club which was started last year by Jane Milburn (journalist and communications specialist).

I’m the editor of Carindale Connect, a local news and events website which I founded in 2007. My current focus is developing this local journalism offering as well as various consulting projects.