Sarah Moran

Sarah Moran

Current job
Director of Digital Communications, Unreasonable at Sea.

Bachelor of Journalism, graduated 2009.

First job
Social Media Specialist, Virgin Australia.

The story so far
I volunteered a lot during uni to give me a broad range of experience and networks, and I was lucky to have some full-time opportunities during my time at university.

This led me to land my first post-uni job at Virgin Blue as Social Media Specialist.

From there, I moved to work with Brisbane city Council as a website co-ordinator, Josephmark (Brisbane design agency), Tourism Queensland and then in 2011 I moved to Tourism Victoria as Social Media Community Manager.

In 2013 I took a role as Director of Digital Communications with tech-accelerator Unreasonable at Sea. I travelled from San Diego to Singapore on a ship with 11 startups aiming to change the world.