Stuart Layt

Stuart Layt

Current Position
Breakfast Editor and Newsreader, 4BC.

Bachelor of Journalism (2006).

First job
Reading the news on River 949.

The story so far
I actually started out doing a Law degree, but managed to see the error of my ways and switch to Journalism.

While at QUT I greatly enjoyed all the classes, but had a special fondness for the broadcast subjects. I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Andrew Benetto Award for Best Television Journalist towards the end of my course. Naturally, I then got a job on the radio.

I read the news on Ipswich station River 949 for two years, before getting a job with 4BC as a journalist, where I’ve worked for the last five years and counting. The station has given me many opportunities to grow as a journalist, and I’m now Breakfast Editor and newsreader.

I also write columns for in particular the Broncos Blog.

I credit QUT with giving me a solid grounding in all facets of Journalism, including an emphasis on online work before it was a mainstream concern, which has stood me in good stead throughout my career so far.