Christy Johns

Christy Johns
Christy Johns

Current job
News Producer, Network Seven, Sydney.

Double Degree Bachelor of Journalism & Bachelor of Business Majoring in Advertising. Graduated 2007.

First job
2SM Radio Sydney – News Broadcaster/Journalist.

The story so far
Internships and work experience are a great way to gain skills and network. While studying in Brisbane I spent time at Network Seven, Channel 10, Bris 31, Switch FM, Warwick Daily and Princess Productions in London. Shortly after graduating in 2007 I flew to Sydney for the job interview that would kick start my career. It was at 2SM radio. I was enthusiastic about the position and said I could start straight away. To my surprise I was ushered into the back room to begin my first shift. I had nowhere to sleep and only had the clothes on my back and couldn’t fly home for months. It was a chaotic but fun time.

For almost two years I worked as a journalist and newsreader at 2SM around the clock. Occasionally I was independently running the newsroom, reading four bulletins an hour, conducting interviews and writing script for news and sport. I also helped produce sport and late night talk back shows.

Through an audition process I was chosen as a TV Presenter for the TAB so I juggled TV and radio work for three months until a call came from Sky Racing in 2010 offering me an exciting new position. I became an on-air female face as part of a campaign to get more women interested in racing and wagering. I took on the role of on-air host on magazine style shows Off the Beaten Track and international program Bred to Win. I was also a news anchor on The Catching Pen, In the Gig and The Punting Club. I became Sky Racing’s red carpet reporter for flagship racing events, hosted a number of televised awards ceremonies and racing luncheon’s at the track and travelled all over the state as a reporter. Eventually I was given the role as news producer for race day and another highlight was producing an all-female racing show called GG Girls. I recorded hundreds of voiceovers and most importantly, I forged great friendships and was introduced to the beautiful characters of racing and their wonderful stories.

After four years at Sky Racing I made the very hard decision to leave to follow my passion for news. I was offered my dream job with Network Seven as a news producer across all bulletins including Sunrise. I absolutely love the job and I still do voiceovers for Sky Racing and freelance presenting. My most memorable experience is when the news came to us. The Sydney siege unfolded in front of my eyes. I was trapped in the building for over an hour with my colleagues and flown to Melbourne to continue coverage because our building was in lockdown. We’ll always remember that day.

My motto for my career has been to say yes to every opportunity and learn later! People are always thrown in the deep end, to overcome fear and gain skills you need to take risks and accept challenges.