Algorithm aims to fight online abuse

Online abuse is nothing new for some women using social media. But a new Twitter algorithm aims to detect sexualised threats and remove them from the platform.

VJ Charlie Dally-Watkins reports.

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Students say thanks on World Teachers’ Day

It’s been a particularly challenging year for school teachers. Now students in classrooms across Queensland are preparing to show their appreciation – as part of World Teachers’ Day.

VJ Paige Van Lunteren reports.

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Fitness industry fights back to full health

While Brisbane returns to a state of relative normality, the effects of COVID-19 are still being felt by many businesses, and fitness facilities have found it particularly hard.

VJ James Stephens reports.

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University challenge: the new norm of learning online

University students say this year’s move to online learning has been challenging thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Some say the delivery’s been inconsistent, but others say there are benefits to this style of learning.

VJ Dominique Tassell reports.

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Coronavirus strikes a bad chord with the music industry

The coronavirus pandemic has left music venues empty, musicians without an income and fans starved of live performances. Despite eased restrictions, the road to recovery may be further away than expected.

VJ Jack Ryan reports.

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Moving abroad during a pandemic

By Benjamin Hyams

A young Australian couple has moved overseas during the pandemic, unfazed by the fear affecting most of the world.

Dominic Hand and Mondi Milenkovic made the decision to go ahead with their planned move to Scotland in early September.

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Online pressure to cut kilos during COVID weighs heavy on young minds

By Sophie Chirgwin

Pressure to become fit and shed kilos during COVID-19 is detrimental to young people who are predisposed to eating disorders, health experts warn.

Since the pandemic struck, some social media pages have been plastered with videos and photos of weight loss during isolation, with influencers showing home-workout videos encouraging others to get fit.

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Scientists surge ahead in fight against scarlet fever

By Sabrina Walker

In a world first, Queensland scientists have discovered a new, highly infectious strain of Group A Streptococcus bacteria, responsible for the recent global outbreak of childhood disease, scarlet fever.

Doctor Stephan Brouwer working in lab with Group A Streptococcus bacteria..

Doctor Stephan Brouwer working in lab with Group A Streptococcus bacteria. Credit: Doctor Amanda Cork

The disease has risen globally at an alarming rate, after almost being wiped out in the 1940s.

An initial outbreak in Hong Kong and China in 2011 has seen the scarlet fever infection rate rise fivefold worldwide, reaching the United Kingdom in 2014 and more recently, Australia.

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Tweedy finds new sporting passion

By Benjamin Hyams

Conor Tweedy, a young athlete disabled in a scrum collapse during a rugby game two years ago, has found a new game.

Never letting adversity get him down, he almost instantly found new outlet for his athletic spirit and a new passion: wheelchair rugby.

Conor on the field Credit: One year later: Conor's Blog

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Funky female podcasts become frontrunners of their field

By Ingrid Uhlmann

Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States has jumped on the latest trend: Podcasts for women, by women.

And for many people podcasts are the ultimate medium, as they’re convenient and easily accessible to everyone.

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