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In plain sight: how we missed the decline of the platypus

Words: Holly Payne | Illustration: Mitchell Pascoe

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Queensland expecting extreme heatwave next week

Queenslanders should prepare for an early glimpse of Summer next week. Temperatures in the South-East are expected to be 11 degrees above the Spring average. Lachlan Cross reports.

CBD halted in climate change cycle protest

Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has disrupted traffic in Brisbane for the third time this week. The two-wheeled protest took over Victoria Bridge, the same spot where a young demonstrator suspended herself from a bamboo tripod on Monday. Lawrence Jeffcoat

Frydenberg on drought tour for farmers

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has conceded climate change is contributing to the worst drought in memory. He’s been touring drought stricken areas around Warwick and is promising more help for farmers. Lucy McCrossan reports.

Prime Minister announces new support package for drought-stricken communities

The Prime Minister has urged farmers not to be too proud to ask for help. He’s announced a new support package for drought-hit communities across four states. But critics say, it’s too little, too late. Stella Reeve reports.

Prime Minister hits back at climate critics

The Prime Minister hits back at critics of Australia’s climate change record. In a major speech to the UN, Scott Morrison was adamant Australia would meet all its climate commitments. Jakob Funk reports.

Ocean ecosystems are collapsing

Yet another report has warned that our oceans ecosystems are collapsing. Scientists say it could cause devastating problems for our coastal communities. Pagan Blight reports.

Droughts won’t sideline mango sales this season

A taste of summer has hit supermarket shelves. The season’s first tray of mangoes sold for a juicy sum at Brisbane’s annual charity auction. But following the recent dry weather will there be enough to go around? Megan Rainbird reports.

Mayor rejoices in much needed rain

It’s rare for Queenslanders to sing in the rain at the moment but last night’s showers had a local mayor giddy for a ditty. Libby Hopper reports.

Fire concerns rise as storms roll in

Tonight the relentless battle against fires in Queensland and New South Wales again dominates the news. Weary firefighters see no end in sight. Megan Rainbird reports.