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War correspondents remembered in historic Parer Place

Media workers killed during front line reporting have been honoured in Brisbane. Army and media officials came together at QUT to pay their respects. Georgia Collings reports.

Royal baby Archie introduced to the world

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, an introduction to the newest royal. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex showed off baby Archie to the world. Chris Smith reports.

RACQ reveals shocking number of service vehicle near misses

Queensland’s peak motoring body is alarmed at how often roadside workers are nearly hit by cars. The RACQ is urging drivers to take care around emergency vehicles. Tim Lofthouse reports.

Brisbane’s cycling infrastructure in need of a “massive boost”

Twelve thousand cyclists end up in hospital each year. The startling number of injuries has triggered calls for new driver education. Alana Riley reports.

Former rugby great in Folau’s corner

Israel Folau’s Rugby career in Australia could be over. An independent panel says his controversial social media posts about homosexuals violated a code of conduct. Chris Smith reports.

Candidates dumped as political leaders prepare for second debate

As political leaders were readying for their second great debate in Brisbane, they both ran into campaign trouble. They’re in damage control over the dumping of party candidates. Adam Ashmore reports.

Political leaders go head to head in debate

Australia’s two biggest political opponents have gone head to head in debate and according to the audience Bill Shorten won. He and Scott Morrison covered a lot of ground, reiterating their strengths and being probed about their weaknesses. Alexis Moran

Turnbull’s son urges voters to swing away from Liberals

Malcolm Turnbull’s son has spoken out against the Liberal party. He’s called on voters to record a ‘protest’ in the by-election for his father’s former seat. Josh Stengert reports.

Fallen firefighters remembered

Firefighters are among the first to face danger to keep us safe and today, those who have sacrificed their lives doing it, have been remembered. Laura Daly reports.

Specialist food company sells its flavour creations to the world

One of Queensland’s most successful food and drinks manufacturers has cornered a special market. Now Flavour Creations is exporting to the world. Aleesha Buckby reports.