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Tweedy finds new sporting passion

By Benjamin Hyams Conor Tweedy, a young athlete disabled in a scrum collapse during a rugby game two years ago, has found a new game. Never letting adversity get him down, he almost instantly found new outlet for his athletic

Scrapped uni exchanges impact students’ study plans

By Sophie Johnson Universities across Australia have cancelled international student exchanges due to COVID-19, and students who planned on studying abroad have been told to study in the safety of their home for the rest of the year.

No end in sight for COVID testers

By Sophie Chirgwin  A former Chief Health Officer has spoken out about Queensland’s COVID-19 crisis, saying he fears for the mental health of pathology workers on the front line if the pandemic continues.

The challenges of Covid-19 for the visually impaired

By Sarah Tran Covid-19 has been difficult for everyone, but for people with vision impairments it has changed the world in ways they can’t see, making their everyday tasks harder.

Kickit touch kicking goals

By Tom Primmer Kick It Touch Football is branded the closest social sport to rugby league, and the format is going from strength to strength in southeast Queensland.

Concerns for elderly people isolated in care

By Morgan O’Neill Coronavirus isolation mandates have left our elderly community, especially those in aged care, feeling neglected and alone. President of Older People Speak Out, Irene Cayas, said she is very concerned for elderly residents in nursing homes, who

UQ college accused of discrimination during Covid-19 procedures

By Sophie McManus Students at prestigious University of Queensland college, Duchesne, have accused staff of discrimination and unfair treatment. They claim they are experiencing serious mental health problems at the hands of their administration.

Adoptions from Queensland’s animal shelters have risen during Covid-19

By Ray Sinclair Despite a big drop in donations to animal welfare centres due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has not been all bad news. Virtual adoptions via Zoom have seen a record number of animals rehomed or adopted from

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Homemade face masks must cover guidelines

By Matthew Simmonds Homemade face masks, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 may not be making people safer, according to a public health expert. Face mask crafting was adopted as a new hobby by some Australian retirees, aiding in

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Working from home – to thrive or to survive?

By Ingrid Uhlmann Six am, a soft ringing wakes Georgina Prance, to make sure she’s on time for work. As an essential worker, she hasn’t been afforded the opportunity to work from home this year. Having worked in health for

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