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Video shows more of Sydney’s deadly shootout

New security video shows just how close two Sydney police officers came to death. The officers were just a car length away from shooter Daniel King, when he opened fire on them. Lucy Loram reports.

Sydney gunman identified but his motive is still unknown

A gunman who opened fire on Sydney police stations before being shot dead has been identified. But authorities are still investigating his motive. Tom Hainsworth reports.

Man shot by police after tow truck chase

It began as the alleged theft of a tow truck in Melbourne. Then it escalated into a car chase and the drama on suburban streets ended in a police shoot-out. Lachlan Cross reports.

Horror 24 hours on Melbourne roads

It’s been a horror 24 hours on Melbourne roads. Three people are dead while a newborn baby and a teenager are fighting for their lives. Police say both tragedies were avoidable. Miriam Aguero reports.

Police officers honoured on national Remembrance Day

Hundreds marched the streets of Brisbane to honour police officers who died in the line of duty. The tribute was part of National Police Remembrance Day. Hannah Burstow reports.

P-plater charged over Sydney scooter death

A 19 year old P-plate driver is facing months of court and a possible jail term after allegedly running over a scooter driver. The 41 year old victim was a delivery driver. Federica Willemsen reports.

Abandoned Gold Coast home goes up in flames

Part of Gold Coast history has gone up in flames. A Nerang mansion, originally built by prominent local developer Arthur Earle, was destroyed in the blaze. There were initial fears someone may have been trapped inside. Jakob Funk reports.

Bomb scare in Byron Shire

A suspected bomb has shut down the town of Mullumbimby. Police and other emergency services surrounded the scene most of the day. Max Melit reports.

Dramatic police chase in Victoria

Three masked people were involved in a dramatic police chase in Victoria. They went on a wild spree in a stolen car causing traffic chaos and anger. Georgia Collings reports.

Drastic rise in domestic violence order breaches

Domestic violence is a huge problem in Australia. So, raising awareness is crucial. James Stephens reports.