Author: Norma Hilton

ISIS claims responsibility for terror attack in Sri Lanka

There have been two breaking developments in the Sri Lankan terror attack. Islamic State has claimed responsibility, and it’s been connected to the shootings in New Zealand. Meanwhile funerals for more than three hundred people killed are underway. Georgie Hewson

School students pay their respects to the Anzacs

Hundreds of thousands of Australian veterans and their families are about to commemorate the 104th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. And it’s begun with services for students. Tom Robson reports.

The political race heats up in the north before Anzac Day break

The election campaign has moved to the north of Australia, with both parties trying to win over voters in marginal areas. But they’ll have a break on Anzac day. Georgie Hewson reports.

Guide dog owners still discriminated against in Australia

A new survey has revealed serious discrimination against vision impaired people and their guide dogs. Fifty per cent of handlers are regularly denied access to businesses and public transport. Alexis Moran reports.

Penrith’s Phil Gould leaves the Panthers

In Rugby League news, Phil “Gus” Gould has left his job at the Penrith Panthers. He says it was simply time. Tom Robson reports.

Boost in junior numbers signing up to rugby league

And finally what sport do you want your child to play? Parents have been turning away from the more physical contact sports like Rugby League but there’s a big push to get them back. Aleisha McLaren reports.

Adani convoy heads north

The Anti Adani protests that swamped Brisbane are moving to the bush. But a convoy to stop the mine may not be very welcome there. Shelley Cheng reports.

Parents urged to keep their children safe on roads as kids head back to school

Tens of thousands of children have gone back to school, with police renewing their safety blitz. There’s a new focus on the way drivers view school zones. Liam Lo Grande reports.

Election campaigning back on track after Easter hiatus

After an Easter truce campaigning is back on in earnest for the major political parties. The Coalition is wooing small business, and Labor plans to divert billions of dollars into new projects. Brigitte O’Brien reports.

Youth unemployment on the rise in Australia

Youth unemployment will almost certainly play a part in the coming election. But according to young people themselves the problem may be bigger than politicians suspect. Beatriz Alonso reports.