Author: Laura Daly

Drivers feeling the squeeze as petrol prices soar

Queensland drivers are again feeling the pain at the petrol pump. Some servos inflated prices close to a $1.80 a litre and the RACQ says that’s highway robbery! Stella Reeve reports.

Brisbane’s war on mosquitoes

Brisbane Council has begun another war on disease carrying mosquitoes and it has a new weapon in the fight. Jakob Funk reports.

ScoMo speaks out on climate change debate

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged Australians not to be too anxious over climate change. His response follows scathing criticism of world leaders from a 16-year-old Swedish activist. Sam Wilson reports.

Brisbane locals boost recycling

They were forced to do away with single use bags, but now Australia’s supermarkets are battling plastic pollution enthusiastically. One of them has collected the equivalent of the world’s circumference in waste. Kristen Camp reports.

eSports in talks to join Olympic Games

By Laura Daly and Isla Stanich Video gamers probably aren’t what most people picture when they think of Olympic athletes, but competitive gamers could soon be competing for gold. The International Olympic Committee is in talks with the e-gaming industry,

Labor promises more funding for TAFE Queensland ahead of election

By Laura Daly Today on the campaign trail the Australian Labor Party has promised more money to vocational education and TAFE facilities. Deputy leader of the ALP Tanya Plibersek announced a $40 million plan to build a new campus at

Welfare recipients plan protests against the LNP’s cardless cash

By Laura Daly and Liam Lo Grande Trials of the cashless debit card (CDC) for welfare recipients may be causing trouble for the federal government, with protests scheduled across the country to resist the project. The initiative, currently being trialed

Qantas world first with waste-free flight

By Laura Daly and Isla Stanich Qantas has completed the world’s first-ever “zero waste” flight, setting an example for other airlines and the rest of the world. Plastic waste is a crisis threatening the survival of ecosystems, wildlife and the

Big bans on big boats: Marine activists warn against super-trawlers

By Laura Daly and Dominic Elsome Ban them, or they will come – that’s the warning from the Australian Marine Conservation Society in a new report on the threat posed by foreign-owned super-trawlers.

Politicians pledge to spend big on domestic violence and accessible homes

Labor is planning a big boost to handle domestic violence issues. With the federal election campaign coming up to week three, Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten have run out of public holiday truces. Both men today had big spending announcements