Author: Ann Lund

Algorithm aims to fight online abuse

Online abuse is nothing new for some women using social media. But a new Twitter algorithm aims to detect sexualised threats and remove them from the platform. VJ Charlie Dally-Watkins reports.

Students say thanks on World Teachers’ Day

It’s been a particularly challenging year for school teachers. Now students in classrooms across Queensland are preparing to show their appreciation – as part of World Teachers’ Day. VJ Paige Van Lunteren reports.

Fitness industry fights back to full health

While Brisbane returns to a state of relative normality, the effects of COVID-19 are still being felt by many businesses, and fitness facilities have found it particularly hard. VJ James Stephens reports.

University challenge: the new norm of learning online

University students say this year’s move to online learning has been challenging thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Some say the delivery’s been inconsistent, but others say there are benefits to this style of learning. VJ Dominique Tassell reports.

Coronavirus strikes a bad chord with the music industry

The coronavirus pandemic has left music venues empty, musicians without an income and fans starved of live performances. Despite eased restrictions, the road to recovery may be further away than expected. VJ Jack Ryan reports.

QUT TV News – Friday 4 October 2019

In this bulletin, new security video shows just how close two Sydney police officers came to death. Queenslanders should prepare for an early glimpse of Summer next week. Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has disrupted traffic in Brisbane for the

QUT TV News – Thursday 3 October 2019

Flu deaths

In this bulletin, the staggering impact of flu in Queensland, as 191 people have died in the worst season ever and that’s four times as many as last year. A former diplomat warns Australia not to tell its U.S ally

QUT Radio News – Thursday 3 October 2019

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QUT TV News – Wednesday 2 October 2019

No water restrictions, yet

In this bulletin, drought-ravaged Southern Queensland faces a water crisis with several towns completely dry. But there is no move yet to impose restrictions on the use of water in Brisbane and some residents wonder why. The Government has lashed

QUT Radio News – Wednesday 2 October 2019

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