Author: Ainsley O'Keefe

Helping China could overwhelm our health system

By Rebecca Cox, produced for online by Ainsley O’Keefe More than eight million people over the age of 80, China’s aging population is increasing too fast to keep up with health care provisions. Facing problems in particular with hip replacements

Australians encouraged to house asylum seekers

By Tess Gilfedder, produced for online by Ainsley O’Keefe. A new immigration solution is set to ease the overcrowding of Australia’s refugee detention centres. The new program will allow Australian families to host asylum seekers in their homes while their

1st Fleet placed into liquidation

By Zac Street and produced for online by Ainsley O’Keefe. Around 600 workers for national trucking company 1st Fleet will lose their jobs after the company was shut down overnight. Employees now face a nervous wait to see if they

Brisbane TAFE to offer bachelor degrees

By Mariska Murphy, produced for online by Ainsley O’Keefe The Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE (MSIT) at Mt Gravatt will offer bachelor degrees to students in business and early childhood education from July.

MRI helps with prostate cancer detection

By Dwayne Monteiro, produced for online by Ainsley O’Keefe There has been a breakthrough in the battle against prostate cancer with advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) introduced at Brisbane’s Wesley Hospital. The technology aims to reduce the number of men

Facebook feature encourages organ donation

By Jane Buckle, produced for online by Ainsley O’Keefe Facebook has launched a new initiative to encourage organ donation in the United States and the United Kingdom and experts hope it will be launched in Australia.

Firefighters warn homeowners of winter dangers

By Ainsley O’Keefe The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) have pleaded with the community to demonstrate safe heating practices at the launch of their ‘Winter Fire Safety’ campaign today at their training facility in Brisbane’s east. Firefighters educated the

Endangered Australian icon officially a threatened species

The koala is now officially classified as a threatened species in all three east coast states. With numbers rapidly declining in Queensland, it’s hoped the marsupial will benefit from the new environmental protection measures but activists say it isn’t enough.

Broncos dominate derby

It was a big weekend across all football codes. The Broncos kicked off the action on Friday night, when they dominated the Titans at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane claiming a 26-6 win. Eluan Waldron reports.

Fossil find in North Queensland

A new partnership between the Queensland Museum and mining giant BHP Billiton is aiming to unearth the fossil remains of prehistoric creatures found in regional Queensland. It’s hoped they may provide a clue as to why these creatures became extinct.