By Benjamin Hyams

A young Australian couple has moved overseas during the pandemic, unfazed by the fear affecting most of the world.

Dominic Hand and Mondi Milenkovic made the decision to go ahead with their planned move to Scotland in early September.

Miss Milenkovic is a nurse who found a job in the Scottish city of Aberdeen.

She says there are too many nurses graduating Australian universities and not enough jobs for them to fill, hence the move.

“I could not get a job here, despite all my efforts because the system for graduate nurses in Australia doesn’t actually support the amount of numbers that the universities are chugging through,”  Miss Milenkovic said.

Dominic Hand pictured at Loch Ness after his recent move to Scotland during the pandemic

Mr Hand is going to finish his degree at The University of Queensland online and is currently looking for a job.

There is a large, three story bookstore nearby their apartment, which he says would be a nice place to work.

Obviously, the process of moving to another country during a pandemic took a lot longer than usual.

First, the pair had to receive permission from the government, ensuring their travel was essential.

“They’re only letting essential people travel, they’re not letting anyone go for… you know, no good reason,” Mr Hand said.

One of the larger concerns involved with the move is whether they will be able to return to Australia if something happens overseas, or back home.

Dominic’s mother, Rachel, had worries from the beginning.

“My first thought was, that it wasn’t safe to travel… I was very frightened for him actually.”

The pair has finished their mandatory two weeks of self isolation in Aberdeen, to begin their new lives.

They say the quarantine was easy and relaxing and not as bad as some have been saying.

Despite original concerns, their parents have accepted the decision to move and are slowly feeling more comfortable with their situation.