By Ingrid Uhlmann

Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States has jumped on the latest trend: Podcasts for women, by women.

And for many people podcasts are the ultimate medium, as they’re convenient and easily accessible to everyone.

Millennials have gravitated towards this medium recently, due to the ease of use and the wide variety of content provided.

You can find a podcast on just about anything these days, from reviews of alternative rock music to investigative stories of missing people.

Podcasts created by women have seen a rise in recent years particularly with millennial women.

Demi Lynch, is the creator and host of the Nasty Woman Club.

Demi Lynch, The Nasty Woman Club

Whilst studying at university she hosted her own radio show, on Brisbane’s 4ZZZ, during the graveyard shift of 2am – 5am.

Since then she has taken the show to podcasts and discusses topics from gaining weight in a pandemic, to the issues of toxic masculinity and racial profiling.

Ms Lynch’s podcast focuses on issues of intersectional feminism, which is the belief that all women are equal and deserve equality like their male counterparts.

“I wanted to make it something that was not just going to be about white feminist issues, I wanted to be something for everyone. So I make sure I bring on guests from all different backgrounds and ages and I talk about issues that are not just about something that would affect me,” she said.

Podcast subscribers and listeners want relatable and interesting content that reflects their lifestyle.

University student Gemma Bartley, has engaged with podcasts for a long time.

She initially started listening to Hamish and Andy and has recently transitioned into listening to content that helps improve her life.

“I think that a lot of young people are sort of facing situations that maybe haven’t been faced before, there are a lot of changing aspects of the world. A podcast that talks in real time, or one or two weeks ago, really helps us navigate those aspects,” she said.

American podcast, Call Her Daddy has become a viral sensation on Tik Tok, taking on a modern day Carrie Bradshaw approach, comparing sex and relationships to life in New York.

Podcasts are predicted to be nearly a $50 million industry by the end of the year.

And as long as they remain free to access, their popularity should only grow.