By Morgan O’Neill

Coronavirus isolation mandates have left our elderly community, especially those in aged care, feeling neglected and alone.

President of Older People Speak Out, Irene Cayas, said she is very concerned for elderly residents in nursing homes, who are suffering during these times.

Ms Cayas said residents have told her their greatest fear is passing away without their family by their side.

“The ones I am really, really concerned with are those that are in the nursing home, they feel abandoned. People are dying without loved ones around them, those people that have their faculties are yearning for their loved ones,” Mrs Cayas said.

The elderly community is also struggling with being completely isolated, not only from the outside world but from their friends and family too.

Lyn Papa’s mother is currently in a nursing home. She said many of the residents are becoming irritable as they are unable to go anywhere or receive any visits.

“I think people are certainly a lot more lonelier. They don’t get to mix with people outside of that tiny little community, [so] there are quite a lot of disagreements among the residents. It has caused a little bit more friction internally,” Mrs Papa said.

In response to this, aged care workers are busy creating new activities for residents to ensure they are happy and stress-free during isolation.

The nursing home Lyn Papa’s mother is in has been introducing more interaction between the residents, as well as allowing them to get some fresh air at the same time:

Irene Cavas said it’s very important at this time to remember our elderly community and thank those who care for them.