By Annelise Crilly

Brisbane’s Street Art Festival is always a source of excitement and inspiration and even Covid restrictions couldn’t stop this year’s magic.

Hand painted murals are popping up all over the city bringing new life to the streets.

Art from the recent Brisbane Street Art Festival. Credit: Annelise Crilly

Graffiti artists say their work is uniting the community and generating intrigue in a time where people need something to feel optimistic about.

Local Brisbane artist, Gus Eagleton says:

“Everyone is quite stressed, so when something kind of positive or something interesting is happening out of the normal, I think a lot people have been quite happy to see it happen.”

Many people have rediscovered art as an outlet during the pandemic, saying it helps them focus their anxieties into something creative.

Like Mr Eagleton other artists are continuing to keep people’s spirits high by showcasing their talents and livening up the city.

Brisbane resident, Blessing Rivera says: “I found that during lockdown I was really stressed and getting quite anxious, especially being cooped up indoors … The thing I love about art is it’s kept my mind off what I can’t do.”

The Street Art Festival is running workshops, exhibitions and seminars throughout the year to engage beginners and emerging artists and help improve their skills.

Organisers intend to have International artists return to their line-up by next May, for the 2021 festival.

Click here to see more of Gus Eagleton’s work.