New security video shows just how close two Sydney police officers came to death. The officers were just a car length away from shooter Daniel King, when he opened fire on them.

Lucy Loram reports.


The two officers park their car outside of Penrith Police Station.

They’re unaware the shooter is approaching with a pump action shotgun.

Then he opens fire.

The officers run for their lives to the safety of the Police Station.

One is hit.

He stumbles, but amazingly, manages to drag himself up and away from danger.

King is then seen stalking the outside of the station.

Mick Lumtin, Witness: “He literally had the shotgun down by his side. He threw it over his shoulder, and that’s when we sort of knew that, you know, something’s not right.”

More police arrive and bullets fly again.

Even though the gunman is felled by police shots, he continues to fire bullets from the ground.

The police officer wounded earlier, has since undergone surgery to remove pellets from the back of his head and is expected to make a full recovery.

Lucy Loram, QUT News.