Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has disrupted traffic in Brisbane for the third time this week. The two-wheeled protest took over Victoria Bridge, the same spot where a young demonstrator suspended herself from a bamboo tripod on Monday.

Lawrence Jeffcoat reports.


Extinction Rebellion is known for its congestion-causing protests.

Today was no different.

Morning traffic in the CBD halted as demonstrators cycled slowly along main roads.

Ending with a die-in at King George Square.

It’s all part of the group’s ongoing protests against government inaction on climate change, and they aren’t apologising for the delays.

Hannah Doole, Extinction Rebellion: “The inconvenience of being stuck in traffic is nothing compared to mass extinction, mass starvation, social collapse, that is a reality we are looking at with the climate crisis that’s emerging.”

In an interview on 2GB, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton called for the mandatory sentencing and removal of welfare payments for the traffic-blocking protestors.

Meanwhile Queensland Police say they have tried to communicate with the group.

Tony Fleming, Qld Police: “Our Experience with this particular group of folk is that they generally don’t engage with us, it’s actually very difficult for us to help them facilitate lawful protest.”

The group is planning a week of rebellion which will impact traffic everyday next week.

Police understand people will be frustrated but urge the public to stay calm as traffic increases with schools and universities back from break.

Lawrence Jeffcoat, QUT News.