A gunman who opened fire on Sydney police stations before being shot dead has been identified. But authorities are still investigating his motive.

Tom Hainsworth reports.


The gunman carried a 12 gauge shotgun and went on an hour long rampage in Sydney’s West.

Witness: “I swear to god I’m scared. Oh my god, oh my god.”

Police say the violence began when the man, later identified as 32-year-old Daniel King, fired into the Marayong home of his former girlfriend.

She said she’d previously received warnings.

Stacey Taylor, Gunman’s Ex Girlfriend: “The threats were to saying that he actually hired a hit-person to bash me and stab me in the stomach, to make me lose my baby so I wasn’t pregnant anymore.”

Apparently he then drove to St Mary’s Police Station firing more shots and then later at Penrith Station.

Nearby residents watched the police response.

Mick Lumptin, Witness: “A paddywagon came around the corner and they’ve asked the guy to put down his weapon. He then stood out, he stepped off the footpath and then there was just an array of shots going out.”

The gunman suffered multiple bullet wounds and died at the scene.

A male constable received pellet wounds to the back of his head and was taken to Westmead Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Jeff Loy, Deputy Commissioner NSW Police: “To shoot upon the police and to wound the police, and to then force the police to protect themselves and have to return fire is very concerning.”

Mick Lumptin, Witness: “They did a fantastic job and kept us all safe.”

Police now want to know the gunman’s motivations, and have begun a critical incident investigation.

Tom Hainsworth, QUT News.