A former diplomat warns Australia not to tell its U.S ally too much. But Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he has “nothing to hide” following his phone call with Donald Trump over the Russian probe.

Lucy Loram reports.


Scott Morrison says it would have been “quite extraordinary” to not cooperate with the President Trump when he asked for Australia’s support in the investigation against the Mueller Inquiry.

Mr Morrison agreed to give the President an Australian government contact.

He says he is used to sharing information with allies.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “Now Australia wouldn’t do anything in contrary to our national interest. This was, this would have been frankly more surprising not to cooperate.”

Trump is already facing impeachment following a phone call with the Ukranian leader.

Observers say Australia could now become tangled up in this political scandal.

John McCarthy, Former Diplomat: “Inevitably we are going to be drawn into it. It’s a highly contentious, highly political issue in the United States.”

The former Ambassador to the US also warned Australia should be careful about what information is passes on to the Trump Administration.

John McCarthy, Former US Ambassador: “I think we have to be extremely clinical and extremely forensic in what we provide now that we’ve agreed to do it. I mean we need very serious lawyers.”

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is now demanding the release of a full transcript of Morrison’s conversation with the US president.

Lucy Loram, QUT News.