Do you ever want to say something to the person tailgating your car? Now you can, on your number plate.

Lucy McCrossan reports.


We’ve had colourful plates, three-D plates and emoji plates.

Now you can even add a message or hashtag to your car.

Mark Bailey, Qld Main Roads Minister: “When you get a personalised plate you will be able to put your own personalised message below the choice of letters that you have. It’s a great chance to make your number plate your own.”

Personalised Plates Queensland has a whole range of letters, numbers and characters available, including a dollar sign and telephone symbol.

Your keyboard is your only limit.

Even supercar drivers are on board.

Jamie Whincup, Supercar Driver: “The opportunities are endless. You could put a website there, you could put a phone number if you like, your favourite slogan.”

PPQ expects the new “caption plates” to be as popular as the emojis, which were released just a few months ago.

The new plates are available from Tuesday.

But they don’t come cheap.

Motorist should be prepared to pay up to $605.

And what would a politician pick?

Mark Bailey, Qld Main Roads Minister: “I would be saying, drive safely every time you drive.”

Lucy McCrossan, QUT News.