Queensland’s largest animal welfare charity needs $50 million a year to operate. Only three per cent comes from Government and now it’s seeking more help.

Miriam Aguero reports.


There was a flurry of activity at the RSPCA of the two-legged kind!

Volunteers are manning the phones for the “Give to Get Them Home” campaign.

The goal, to raise half a million dollars.

And for every dollar donated, sponsors will quadruple it.

Queensland Reds player Tate McDermott says, every dollar counts.

Tate McDermott, RSPCA Ambassador: “You know dig deep. $25 can go a long way if they are timesed up by four! Every donation matters and they help as well.”

The funds are desperately needed.

In the next three months, 6,000 animals will arrive here.

Some will learn kindness for the very first time.

Emma Lagoon, RSPCA: “It’s a really busy time of the year unfortunately, also with dry conditions as well, we are seeing a lot of wildlife coming through as well.”

The RSPCA cared for more than 56,000 animals in the last year.

That’s almost 159 every single day.

Without the generosity of the public, animal welfare would be in crisis mode.

Your donations make up 90 per cent of the RSPCA’s funding.

Miriam Aguero, QUT News.