Brisbane Airport’s new runway is expected to boost the economy by five billion dollars within a decade. It’s already ahead of schedule and under budget.

Kelseigh Wrigley reports.


It’s 2.5 times the size of the Brisbane CBD.

And it’s taking shape faster and cheaper than anticipated.

The North-West runway is the the airport’s biggest aviation project.

Paul Coughlan, BAC Project Director: “It gives us this capacity to grow air travel.”

It will create the most efficient runway system in the country cutting Brisbane’s arrival and departure delays.

Mr Coughlan also promises the project will translate into greater opportunities for jobs, and travel.

Injecting an estimated five billion into the economy in 10 years

Paul Coughlan, BAC Project Director: “Over 90% of the money from the Brisbane Airport Corporation’s project is being spent in either Brisbane or the rest of Australia.

The runway will primarily be used for flights travelling North or West, to places like Asia or Rockhampton.

And that could open up the capacity for greater air travel in Queensland.

Brad Richardson, Rotary Club President: “It’s really gonna be a hub for a lot of the regional airlines and I think that’s gonna be really good for the towns as well, with the economic benefits.”

The new runway will not only grow international flights but also boost local connectivity.

And with the construction now in its final stages, the runway is set to open in late 2020.

Kelseigh Wrigley, QUT News.