Seafood lovers rejoice. Brisbane is serving up a second course of the dining event, Sea to the City.

Tom Hainsworth reports.


Seventeen of Brisbane’s premier riverside restaurants will serve up more than 50 specially crafted seafood delights.

Brisbane’s Deputy Mayor says the trail promises to deliver mouth-watering food and great entertainment against a magnificent backdrop.

Krista Adam, Brisbane Deputy Mayor: “We would love to see everybody come down and have a taste of that wonderful seafood, with a twist, here on the Brisbane River.”

Sea to the City gives chefs the opportunity to connect with visitors and other restaurateurs.

Madame Wu’s Executive Chef says it’s also the perfect opportunity for both locals and tourists to get a taste of what Brisbane has to offer.

Brendon Barker, Executive Chef Madame Wu: “It’s a great day out. It’s excellent for families, couples, it caters to to everyone. There’s just thousands of people along the water.”

Featuring pop-up bars, markets and live music, as well as the seafood.

The one day event on October 13 will stretch from Eagle Street Pier through to Customs House.

The seafood spectacular is part of the council’s commitment to creating more for residents to see and do and if you love seafood, this event could be perfect for you.

Tom Hainsworth, QUT News.