It seems red meat isn’t as bad for you as previously thought. That’s the finding of a world wide study, yet some nutritionists are still advising caution.

Lawrence Jeffcoat reports.


It’s the staple in our beef loving country.

But for a long time we’ve been told not to overeat red meat to lower our risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Vox 1: “Some people it’s really good, in small amounts and some people it’s not so good and that just happens to be me.”

New studies followed the diets of millions of people over a number of years.

Those results showed no significant health risk if you eat three servings of red meat a week, or less.

Dr Lynda Ross, QUT Nutrition: “Having Mediterranean style food patterns where there is mostly plant based meals with some red meat, lean of course, some fish, some dairy.”

Large food chains like Hungry Jacks are already offering meat alternatives, plant-based burger patties are on their menu.

There are alternatives too, for carnivores.

Daniel Parfitt, Kelvin Grove Meats: “Pork can be very healthy and very lean and also chicken breast.”

Still, some Aussies still can’t get enough of red meat.

Vox 2: “Especially steak, I just love steak.”

The Heart Foundation says while the study adds valuable health information they recommend eating just one to three servings of red meat a week.

Lawrence Jeffcoat, QUT News.