Free fitness classes are on offer across Brisbane and they are being promoted as the key to a better quality of life.

Lucy Loram reports.


For the months of Spring, Medibank’s Feel Good exercise program is free.

The classes in city locations aim to make exercise fun and attractive for those “out of touch” with their fitness side.

Christine Lane-Bishop, Medibank Trainer: “It’s also that not everyone can afford a gym membership necessarily, but also they can you know go and have a coffee afterwards and make new friends.”

The free service is the most popular it’s ever been.

Brisbanites are spoilt for choice between bootcamps, salsa dancing classes, yoga and Mums and Bubs fitness.

Vox 1: “It was a good mix I think of some strength and yeah some cardio.”

Vox 2: “It was fantastic, I feel really good. I don’t need to go to a massage now.”

Experts say that even these kinds of low intensity exercises have significant health benefits.

Dr Vince Kelly, QUT Faculty of Health: “Any exercise you do is going to increase your life space, and so if you do more exercise you have a greater opportunity to live longer, and that’s going to be beneficial for everyone.”

Age is no road block for health and fitness here in Brisbane.

The city council has a number of different classes on offer for all ages, for next to no charge.

So take the next step in your journey to good health.

You could have the time of your ‘longer’ life.

Lucy Loram, QUT News.