Some of Brisbane’s most exclusive restaurants are teaming up to help feed Queenslanders in need. The charity Foodbank is hosting a fine dining experience to raise money for the thousands of families across the state who go hungry every month.

Miriam Aguero reports.


It’s a lifeline for an increasing number of Queenslanders who can’t afford the basics, like food.

Foodbank’s latest fundraiser, an Italian inspired evening at their Morningside warehouse, is using food to bring food to the community.

Nicci Skerl, Foodbank Queensland: “Events like this are very important to keep the conversation going around food insecurity and hunger.

Some of Brisbane’s top restaurants will provide the function’s surprise menu.

Chefs won’t know what they’re dishing up until the last minute to highlight the importance of eating seasonal, available food.

Alex Norman, Signature Executive Chef de Partie: “We know that at Foodbank the food that you gain are often on a surprise chain, so we kind of want to emulate that.”

Foodbank provides meals for over 200,000 Queenslanders every month, but this is not enough to go around with thousands of families still unable to put food on their tables.

And there’s a number of reasons why people are still going without meals.

Nicci Skerl, Foodbank Queensland: “When we hear stories of, you know, women who are currently having breast cancer treatments who are unable to work, therefore unable to afford rent, are found living in their cars because they can’t afford to continue to work while they have treatment.”

Tickets are still available to Foodbank event on October 19th to help fight hunger across the state.

Miriam Aguero, QUT News.