Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been dragged into the scandal over the so-called Mueller report into the election of Donald Trump. Australia has confirmed the White House asked the Prime Minister for help.

Tom Hainsworth reports.


It has been confirmed that prior to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent diplomatic visit to the States, he was asked by US President Donald Trump to assist the Justice Department’s investigation into the Mueller report.

And now it has emerged that Australia’s US ambassador Joe Hockey wrote to the Trump administration back in May after the White House first launched its Mueller inquiry.

Mr Hockey writes: The Australian Government will use its best endeavours to support your efforts in this matter. We stand ready to provide you with all relevant information to support your inquiries.

Alexander Downer, the former Australian High Commissioner to the UK, who helped trigger the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s links with Russia, spoke on ABC Radio.

Alexander Downer, Former Australian High Commissioner to the UK: “I had a conversation with this guy and passed on the conversation, or the element of the conversation, to the Americans and I mean there is just nothing more to it.”

Opposition leader, Anthony Albanese has demanded answers from the Prime Minister.

Anthony Albanese, Opposition Leader: “The Prime Minister needs to explain to the Australian public exactly what happened here. Exactly what his role has been.”

Prime Minister Morrison is yet to reply to the claims.

Tom Hainsworth, QUT News.