Brisbane seniors will now ride for free on some public transport if they are happy to travel outside of rush hour. The Lord Mayor launched the initiative today, a few months after it was announced in the Council budget.

Lucy McCrossan reports.


A small bonus for those already struggling with the cost of living.

Brisbane City Council hopes the free travel on buses, City Cats and ferries will improve the quality of life for seniors.

Adrian Schrinner, Lord Mayor: “Our seniors have contributed so much to our city and this is one small thing we are doing to help them, but also to help them get out and enjoy the
city of Brisbane.”

The initiative will cost ratepayers three million dollars.

Adrian Schrinner, Lord Mayor: “Obviously if more people take it up, it will cost more. But that’s a great thing. We have been able to budget for this money because of responsible financial management.”

For these seniors it was something to celebrate.

Vox 1: “I will certainly use them a lot more now. It all saves a bit of money for us.”

Vox 2: “We have been hoping for years that this would happen.”

Seniors groups have welcomed the announcement.

Mark Tucker-Evans, Council on the Aging, Chief Executive: “One of the things we are certainly hearing is the cost of transport is something that is causing issues for older people.”

Free travel applies to all Brisbane buses, CityCats and ferries during selected hours from Monday to Friday, and with no limit on buses over the weekend.

The Lord Mayor is hoping to work with the state government and the transport minister to include trains in the free service.

Those with a maroon go-card can ride free from today.

Lucy McCrossan, QUT News.