Partying in nightclubs with reality TV stars is not what you’d expect to see at Schoolies Week. But a new company wants to make it happen and parents are worried.

Jasmine Borgeaud reports.


Tribe Schoolies is offering party packages to school leavers across Australia.

For Gold Coast bound students, the company has teamed up with local nightclubs.

Sin City, The Bedroom and Havana will play host to celebrity DJs and reality TV stars.

The company has released a marketing video aimed at teens.

Parents say it’s not appropriate.

Jennifer Rickard, Board Member of Australian Parents Council: “That’s very frightening if that’s the way they’re marketing it. I can understand in the age of the Instagram influencer and I can understand why that would be their marketing strategy, but as a parent it is very concerning that they are the images that are being sold to to young men and women.”

Underage party goers can buy tickets to the nightclubs for around $90.

The volunteers who help keep school leavers safe have concerns about the party packages.

Bek Gilchrist, Red Frogs: “And because we don’t actually have access to the clubs at the Gold Coast, we wouldn’t have access to help them if they were in trouble inside the club.”

Tribe Schoolies has organised similar events for spring break travellers in the United States. The company says their previous parties have attracted more than 100,000 students.

Married at First Sight contestant Jessika Power has been secured as an ambassador for the event.

Jasmine Borgeaud, QUT News.