Labor’s new Brisbane mayoral candidate Patrick Condren is already under fire. The former political reporter has admitted he’s unaware how much residents pay in rates, but assures voters if elected, he’ll spend their money responsibly.

Tom Hainsworth reports.


A long-serving professional reporting on politics, Patrick Condren will now aim to become Labor’s first elected Lord Mayor since 2004.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner is unphased by the change in candidacy.

Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “An amateur complainer replaced by a professional complainer now.”

A self-proclaimed “anti-political politician”, Mr Condren says it is the perfect time to kickstart his political career.

Patrick Condren, Labor Lord Mayor Candidate: “I am in a place in my life at the moment where this is something that I want to do.”

Speaking on ABC Radio, Mr Condren’s lack of political experience was clear.

Interviewer: “Patrick Condren, how much are Brisbane’s quarterly rates?”

Patrick Condren: “I have absolutely no idea.”

Interviewer: “How do they compare to other cities?”

Patrick Condren: “Again, I have absolutely no idea.”

With Labour only holding five out of 26 council wards, Mr Condren says he is fully aware of the job ahead.

Yet with questions already being raised over his credentials, he still believes his experience outside of the political arena will win votes.

Patrick Condren, Labor Lord Mayor Candidate: “So I’ve done a lot of different things and I think from a voter’s perspective that makes me attractive.”

Mr Condren and his self-titled “Condren administration” will aim to freeze any mayoral pay increases if elected, and redistribute the money back into the budget.

Tom Hainsworth, QUT News.