It’s been a horror 24 hours on Melbourne roads. Three people are dead while a newborn baby and a teenager are fighting for their lives. Police say both tragedies were avoidable.

Miriam Aguero reports.


Two cars have violently collided in south-east Melbourne.

A car carrying four people, including three teens, crashed with another vehicle.

Two teens from the first car were taken to the hospital.

One died overnight and the other is fighting for his life.

Darren Williams, Detective Inspector Victoria Police: “I suppose the message I can get out is if you could put yourself in the position of parents and families and get that knock on the door because that’s what’s happening tonight.”

The single male driver of the other car died at the scene. The cause of the incident is unknown.

Elsewhere in the city, a pregnant women fell from a moving vehicle.

Her baby was born by emergency c-section and remains in a critical condition.

The 32-year-old mother died in hospital.

A 35-year-old man has been charged with dangerous driving causing death.

Miriam Aguero, QUT News.