Drivers will have to rethink their Brisbane commute. The newest stage in the Cross River Rail, means a CBD street is now a no-go zone for cars.

Lachlan Cross reports.


It’s a beginning that’s marked with a closure.

A significant section of Albert Street is now permanently closed to cars as the Cross River Rail Project delivery team begins construction.

Russell Vine, Cross River Rail: “So here at Albert Street we’re building the first train station the city centre is getting for 120 years. So what we have to do is we have to close down a section of Albert Street while we demolish two buildings that you can see either side of us left and right.”

When construction’s complete in 2024, this area will have a new life.

Russell Vine, Cross River Rail: “After we’ve demolished the building, we’ve excavated, we’ve built the brand new station building here then this part of the street will become a ‘pedestrianised’ street.”

The closure will mean additional traffic disruption.

Emma O’Mara, RACQ: “So, we do expect that it could cause some initial frustration for drivers, but we do know that the broader long term cross river rail project is one that is certainly going to benefit our community.”

However, some commuters are still not happy.

Vox 1: “I think the money can be better spent on our farmers.”

Vox 2: “People who get picked up from this street yeah, you’ll have to make different arrangements.”

The RACQ says that commuters should look to public transport from this week on, as Albert Street will remain closed to cars until at least 2024.

Lachlan Cross, QUT News.