A climate change activist has been charged over a stunt high above Brisbane’s Victoria Bridge. The member of Extinction Rebellion suspended herself from a bamboo tripod, hoping to send a message to the government. Three others also are charged over alleged protest activity.

Lucy Loram reports.


For Sophie Thompson, a short stint in police custody is a small price to pay in the battle against climate change.

Her airbourne protest blocked two lanes of traffic into the CBD for over an hour.

Sophie Thompson, Extinction Rebellion: “I’m here with the message, as a mid-wife, that climate denial is child abuse.”

Her message, written across an umbrella, was on show over the Brisbane River until police escorted her down at around nine o’clock.

The twenty two year old left her job as a mid-wife, believing she could save more lives protesting full time.

Ms Thompson said her actions today were inspired by sixteen year old climate change activist, Greta Thunberg.

Extinction Rebellion say they don’t enjoy causing traffic delays anymore than commuters enjoy sitting in them.

Laura Lucardie, Extinction Rebellion: “We certainly don’t take much pleasure in being here and occupying these streets and we hope that people will come forward, the government will come to the table so we don’t have to occupy these spaces much longer.”

The protests are a sight Brisbane commuters are getting used to.

This the latest in a string of climate change demonstrations.

Vox 1: “I think it’s important.”

Vox 2: “I believe in climate change, but that’s a little bit radical.”

Vox 3: “Doesn’t impact me too much but it’s a bit of a pain.”

Industry groups acknowledge activists have the right to protest.

Ian Mcfarlane, Queensland Resource Council Chief Executive: “They place themselves in danger and also other people, and I’d ask them to have more respect for other Queenslanders when they try to push their messages.”

Ms Thompson faced court this afternoon and Extinction Rebellion is planning even more protests next week.

Lucy Loram, QUT News.