It may have sounded like thunder or an explosion. But it was an RAAF jet rumbling across Brisbane’s sky today, heralding the coming Riverfire.

Elizabeth Neil reports.


Riverfire is the exciting climax to Brisbane Festival and it’s always preceded by the flyover demonstration.

The Superhornet, a fast flying jet, did a practice run today.

VOX 1: “The F1-11s aren’t they, (no) Superhornets I got it wrong. Yeah, them”

It’s one of the two aircrafts scheduled to make an appearance on Saturday.

Daniel Austin, RAAF Pilot: “Reaching speeds of up to eight, nine hundred kilometres an hour. And then climbing over the Kangaroo Point cliffs and down the river towards Eagle Street.

Areas around South Bank are expected to be packed on Saturday with half a million people.

Police will be shutting down several roads around the city in preparation.

They advise those going to the main venue at South Bank to use public transport.

Superintendent Tony Flemming, Qld Police: “With road closures, it is going to disrupt traffic. Listen to the Translink people, the bus people, the train people because they have thought this through. It’s actually quite impressive.”

But for onlookers not as impressive as the upcoming fireworks.

VOX 2: “The fireworks are cool and all that, I am here for the aircraft.”

The first fly over will begin at 4:20 with the Globemaster, followed shortly by the Superhornet which commences at 5:30.

This will then lead into the amazing display of fireworks shortly after seven.

Elizabeth Neil, QUT News.