The veil will be lifted on some of Brisbane’s most historic buildings. 119 properties will be unlocked for the 10th anniversary of Open House.

Pagan Blight reports.


Brisbane’s hottest properties – young and old – will take centre stage from the 12th to the 13th of October.

Organisers are encouraging residents to look-up and take-in Brisbane’s skyline.

Malcolm Middleton, Open House Chairman: “And Open House gives them a chance to understand more about their city than they perhaps normally do and people respond very positively.”

Mr Middleton says the event gives residents a reason to love their city.

Malcolm Middleton, Open House Chairman: “The reason is pride. City pride. People are curious and people like to be proud of their city.”

Queensland’s oldest Catholic chapel will open its doors and the volunteers are excited to share the building’s history.

Frank Vardanega, St Stephen’s Volunteer Tour Guide: “I think it’s a very good initiative. In fact I’ve been to a few of these open days myself for things I’ve taken for granted growing up in Brisbane.”

Churches, government buildings and offices with a sustainability focus will all feature.

Notable spots for this Open House include One William Street, the old Adderton Convent and the world’s largest commercial timber building.

Entry is free, but some addresses require early registration to avoid disappointment.

Pagan Blight QUT News.