We can already choose all sorts of takeaway food to be delivered. But soon, we might be able to choose a drone to deliver it.

Jakob Funk reports.


Faster, more reliable and better for the environment, a company called Wing is creating quite the buzz with its drone delivery.

It says the service will be less expensive than traditional delivery methods, with no additional fees.

Terrance Bouldin-Johnson, Wing: “If you buy a coffee from $4.50 from the merchant at their shop, it’s $4.50 on our site. There’s no delivery fee and no fee to the merchant.”

Wing currently delivers products from four merchants including items such as coffee, groceries and hardware supplies.

The drones are delivering as part of a trial in the Logan suburbs of Crestmead and Marsden.

Wing will be working with residents to make sure noise isn’t a problem.

Terrance Bouldin-Johnson, Wing: “It’s a new noise, so it’s folks getting used to that noise and getting acclimated to it, and us trying to make that transition as smooth as possible.”

Even though drones are becoming more mainstream, safety remains an issue.

Diana Marina Cooper, Drone Expert: “Safety is absolutely everything, it’s the heart of traditional aviation and it’s super critical to deploying this new emerging technology.”

So Wing says it’s built in a lot of new security.

Terrance Bouldin-Johnson, Wing: “Everything that makes that drone fly, there’s a backup system to make sure that drone can fly and can land safely if there was any need to land.”

Experts say that eventually drones will be helping to fight fires, even delivering human organs and saving lives.

They are apparently the delivery future.

Diana Marina Cooper, Drone Expert: “From medical delivery, package delivery, there are so many applications that we’ve yet to see today because the regulations are holding things back but the future looks bright for package delivery.”

Jakob Funk, QUT News.