Queensland’s RSPCA survives on donations and it needs more money. So for 24 hours sponsors will quadruple what ever the public puts in.

Federica Willemsen reports.


Neglected, abused, abandoned or homeless.

Every year, the RSPCA in Queensland rescues and welcomes more than 56,000 animals to their shelters.

Sonia Tufnell, RSPCA :”All of those cost $25 a day to feed and house and so we need to raise quite a lot of money to make sure all the animals are cared for.”

The RSPCA relies heavily on corporate and individual donations for more than 90 per cent of its funding.”

It wants to raise half a million dollars in a new campaign where sponsors will more than match public donations.

The welfare organisation saves an ever growing number of dogs and cats.

Sonia Tufnell, RSPCA: “Last year, we were able to adopt over 26 thousand animals.”

But it’s not only pets.

Queensland’s RSPCA is the largest rescue service of its kind in Australia and also deals with thousands of native animals, birds and reptiles.

The RSCPA says the number of rescued animals always increases during summer holidays so it’s really important to help them raise funds to find homes for all these creatures, large and small.

Federica Willemsen, QUT News.