It’s often said we make our own happiness, and in Brisbane it seems we do a lot of it. A new report has revealed we’re the happiest in the country.

Hannah Burstow reports.


Brisbane topped the happiness scale in a new survey.

The data says those in the River City enjoy a quality-of-life rating of 93 per cent so what’s to love so much?

VOX 1: “It’s a bit of a smaller community in the scheme of big cities.”

VOX 2: “I really like the people. Uh, it’s super friendly.”

Brisbanites had advice for the second place getter, Melbourne.

VOX 3: “Melbourne is, it’s very messy. A lot of litter. We’re a bit more street proud in Brisbane.”

Perth came in third, with an 88 per cent rating.

Sydney residents are the most unhappy at 76 per cent.

Back home, local businesses say it’s the city’s cafe culture that keeps us laid-back.

Becky Arkadieff, Brisbane Cafe Worker: “People in Brisbane to relax tend to do stuff like this, like come to cafes, drink coffee, eat food, relax.”

The survey also revealed locals feel our city offers a better standard of living.

As well as a better quality of life.

It’s a better place to raise a family.

And 75 per cent of us are happy with our cost of living.

The survey was commissioned by the Brisbane City Council, but they’re confident the findings are unbiased with the data sourced from an independent researcher.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner says he’s proud of the stats, but wants to reach 100 per cent next time.

Hannah Burstow, QUT News.