Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged Australians not to be too anxious over climate change. His response follows scathing criticism of world leaders from a 16-year-old Swedish activist.

Sam Wilson reports.


Greta Thunberg delivered a powerful speech at the UN Climate Summit, which the Prime Minister chose not to attend.

But the Australian PM is calling for context and perspective in the climate debate.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “I don’t want our children having anxieties about these issues.”

Scott Morrison has acknowledged how deeply activists feel on this issue, but he remains confident Australia’s climate change targets will be reached.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “Young children growing up in Australia should feel great about Australia’s future, I do.”

Meanwhile, U.S President Donald Trump has been talking to the UN too.

He delivered a wide ranging speech and re-iterated his decision not to respond to more trouble in the middle east.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “I commend the restraint that the President is showing on the issue of Iran.”

Like Scott Morrison, Trump also warned China was no longer just a developing nation and had to meet the rest of the Global market on a level playing field.

Sam Wilson, QUT News.