A 19 year old P-plate driver is facing months of court and a possible jail term after allegedly running over a scooter driver. The 41 year old victim was a delivery driver.

Federica Willemsen reports.


The two drivers collided at a West Sydney intersection.

The 41 year old rider, hit by the car, died at the scene, despite the efforts of witnesses and paramedics to help.

Karl Cronan, NSW Ambulance: “Extremely confronting for all emergency services.”

Security cameras captured the 19 year-old ute driver allegedly speeding while approaching a T-intersection.

It’s claimed he went straight through it and hit the scooter rider who was heading the other way.

Karl Cronan, NSW Ambulance: “Our crews did an exceptional job here this evening, but like I said, despite the efforts, the gentleman succumbed to his injuries.”

The car involved went on to crash into steel gates.

Witnesses were stunned by the accident.

Jordan Santone, Witness: “I just saw the body when I was walking past and a bunch of medics and a bunch of police around the body.”

The P-plate driver was given mandatory drug and alcohol tests and was later charged with dangerous and negligent driving occasioning death.

Federica Willemsen, QUT News.