Queensland drivers are again feeling the pain at the petrol pump. Some servos inflated prices close to a $1.80 a litre and the RACQ says that’s highway robbery!

Stella Reeve reports.


These are some of the highest petrol prices we’ve seen.

Motorists aren’t happy.

Vox 1: “I think $1.50 is the top that I’d pay at the moment.”

The RACQ went further, accusing petrol companies of price gouging.

Renee Smith, RACQ: “They’re taking advantage of us after the recent Saudi drone strike, we did expect the prices to be high at the top of this peak but nothing like this.”

Prices began rising last night, and the trend continues.

Seven-eleven moved six sites up to 169 cents per litre.

Coles Express bumped four sites to 173.9.

While Caltex has the highest at just under a $1.80.

The motoring body says we should boycott the high prices.

Renee Smith, RACQ: “They’re taking motorists for a ride, and ah, really if you fill up there, they’re robbing you blind.”

Despite soaring prices, the irony is that some servos have dropped their prices to around the $1.30 per litre mark.

If motorists check for cheaper prices it could save them up to $25 every time they fill up.

With petrol prices that QUT checked today ranging from under $1.40 to under $1.80 per litre.

The majority of petrol prices remain on the lower end, but drivers are being savvy.

Vox 2: “Sometimes I might get a small amount and I will move on to try and find something a little bit cheaper.”

Stella Reeve, QUT News.