Brisbane Council has begun another war on disease carrying mosquitoes and it has a new weapon in the fight.

Jakob Funk reports.


It’s an annual event to stop the spread of mosquitoes and the possibility of deadly disease.

And to help they have got a new All-Terrain vehicle to move more effectively through mozzie territory.

Cr Adrian Schrinner, Lord Mayor: “This is a vehicle that costs around $68,000 but it’s a good investment to make sure that we can get in and treat those hard to reach areas without damaging the environment.”

The council will be targeting 2,500 sites between now and May next year.

They’re planning to spend $5.2 million on the project but say the budget is flexible.

Cr Adrian Schrinner, Lord Mayor: “The budget is there based on previous expenditure, but ultimately we will respond to the conditions in Brisbane at any given time.”

The council will also be aerial spraying throughout the summer.

While the council are battling the mosquitoes in the wetlands, residents are being urged to help out by tipping out stagnant water and checking their properties for potential mozzie breeding grounds.

Martin Shivas, Entomologist: “Pot plants, saucers, rainwater tanks need screening. Any water that stands there for about seven days will breed mosquitoes.”

Dengue mosquitoes aren’t currently a problem in the south east and the council wants to keep it that way.

Jakob Funk, QUT News.