The Australian Army’s newest toy has been unveiled at Gallipoli Barracks. It’s called “the Boxer.” And these Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles will be built right here in Brisbane.

Sam Wilson reports.


The Boxer in full flight, the latest addition to the Army’s fleet of armoured vehicles.

Linda Reynolds, Minister for Defence: “As Rheinmetall described it, it is a bit like the swiss army knife now of army capabilities, so it can be used in a variety of roles. So it just depends on what we need it for and when.”

With greater firepower and communications the Boxer gives Australian soldiers an extra layer of defence.

Linda Reynolds, Minister for Defence: “Most importantly its survivability to protect our most valuable asset and commodity we have in the Defence Force and in the Australian Army, which is our people.”

The new Boxer it’s bigger, it’s faster and has more firepower than ever before.

It will also secure up to 1,300 new jobs in Brisbane alone.

Melissa Price, Minister for Defence Industry: “Twelve small Australian businesses who now have an opportunity to be involved in our $200 billion investment in our capability.”

The Boxer’s German manufacturer has set up shop at Redbank, where the vehicles will be built and maintained.

Securing Queensland’s status as the Khaki state for years to come.

Sam Wilson, QUT News.