The state government has admitted it did no economic modelling on its $250 million “cash splash” for public servants. The move has been criticised by drought-stricken farmers and economists say Queensland won’t actually benefit.

Georgie Hewson reports.


Queensland towns running dry and farmers fuming.

A $250 million bonus to public servants has been slammed by drought hit communities.

The payment was meant to drive up economic growth but it’s been revealed there’s not enough evidence to prove that will happen.

A group representing regional Queensland says they don’t begrudge workers receiving the bonus but question the timing as the state suffers its worst drought on record.

Agforce says the money could be better spent on 2.5 million truckloads of water into towns like Stanthorpe and Warwick.

CEO Michael Guerin is accusing the Government of a “cynical cash splash” to buy votes in the next election.

But the Government says they’re just following advice from the Reserve Bank.

Georgie Hewson, QUT News.