Some of Brisbane’s most notorious traffic hotspots are in line for a significant upgrade. City Council’s has announced it is teaming up with Canberra to help bust congestion.

Stella Reeve reports.


A $500 million lifeline for nine of Brisbane’s worst roads.

The Lord Mayor hoping to improve traffic flow in key areas across the city, like Commercial Road and Dogett Street in Newstead.

Brisbane City Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner: “Whether they’re open level crossings, whether they’re suburban intersection upgrades, these things will make a real big difference to the lives of ordinary people moving around the city.”

$12 million has been earmarked for Newnham and Wecker Roads at Mount Gravatt, and more than double that will be spent on the Indooroopilly roundabout.

Council has pledged to match the Federal Government’s contribution.

Paul Turner, RACQ: “It’s good to see government working together for once when it comes to transport and infrastructure.”

Some of the smaller projects will get underway early next year but the bigger projects are still under consultation.

The Indooroopilly roundabout is one of the biggest in Brisbane but work on its upgrade may take up to two years before it even starts.

There’s criticism though, that the projects haven’t started yet, despite being announced nearly 18 months ago.

The State Government wants to see more projects done as soon as possible.

Mark Bailey, Minister for Main Roads: “We welcome investment in our road ah networks, we want to see more of it.”

Further consultations will take place with hopes the projects will cut travel time and create safer roads.

Stella Reeve, QUT News.