The State Government has pledged $12.5 million to bust congestion in Brisbane’s west. It’s part of a billion dollar project across the city, over the next four years.

Sam Wilson reports.


The Kenmore roundabout is a notorious west-side bottle neck.

And residents are sick of it.

Vox 1: “It certainly is a big problem that is beyond just this roundabout. It’s a huge problem coming through this area.”

Locals have been calling for action for years.

Vox 2: “It’s been bad for a long long time but it’s considerably worse because you used to be able to tell it was a Saturday or Sunday because traffic was light. It’s the same every day of the week.”

Emma O’mara, RACQ Spokesperson: “In our recent redspot congestion survey, we did find that this particular road was one of the top ten most congested in Queensland.”

The Everton Park Link Road in Brisbane’s north is also earmarked for development.

Brisbane Drivers spend on average three weeks gridlocked in traffic every year.

Experts say further investment in public transport is urgently needed.

Emma O’mara, RACQ Spokesperson: “We’re really calling on governments to look at broader solutions on our road network and also public transport and active transport as well.”

But work can’t begin soon enough, with Brisbane’s population set to reach 3.7 million by 2041.

Sam Wilson, QUT News.