A new study has raised the alarm around the safety of e-cigarettes. Researchers are now warning against the use of vapes, leaving local vendors fighting to keep their businesses afloat.

Pagan Blight reports.


A local retailer has lost 70% of sales in the last two weeks after a study was published by the University of Adelaide and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The study warns that nicotine-free vape liquids could still be dangerous, as vapers may not know what is in them.

Lee Scothern, Vape Station Director: “All I can say is majority of our customers in the last week and a half have all mentioned it.”

Last year, a reported 115,000 adults in Queensland said they used e-cigarettes.

Mr Scothern says the eight reported deaths caused by vaping in the US, are more likely to be from additives like oil.

Lee Scothern, Vape Station Director: “So they were buying it off the dark web and essentially they’re buying it from drug dealers.”

The sale of vape liquids containing nicotine are currently illegal in Australia which encourages buyers to head online and purchase from unregulated suppliers.

E-cigarettes are said to help smokers quit but medical experts have said that buying the wrong vaping liquid online can be deadly.

The National Health and Medical Research council says further investigation into the trend is necessary.

Pagan Blight, QUT News.