A Melbourne driver’s morning has taken a nasty turn. The woman lost control on slippery roads, literally running up a power pole.

Kristen Camp Reports.


A brand new Mustang hanging by a thin wire for almost three hours.

It’s driver lucky to escape with only minor injuries after being helped out of the vehicle by fire fighters.

Mick Childs, VIC Firefighter: “Could’ve gone up and flipped over and landed on the roof and she could’ve been trapped inside, so it could’ve been a lot worse. She was a little bit upset but otherwise she was good. Probably more upset at ah, causing a bit of damage to the new Mustang.”

The embarrassing prang caused lengthy peak hour delays.

Police blocked the intersection so the Mustang could be safely removed.

And in Sydney, police are using digital technology to reconstruct the face of a man, who’s remains were found almost two decades ago.

The skeleton was discovered in St Helen’s Park Reserve in 2001, along with a gold bracelet, wristwatch and bullet casings.

Police are hoping this new technology might help identify the man.

Artist impressions have been released to hopefully spark a breakthrough.

Kristen Camp, QUT News.